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"Everyone Isn't An Audience!" :Quote 56

“’Everyone’ isn’t an audience. “Everyone” is a byproduct of an incredibly successful thing that was made for a far more specific bunch of people. Don’t ever make something for “Everyone” make it for someone. And make that person love it.-  Dan Sinker

We are all people pleasers to some degree and that can be okay. But, remember that your main focus should be self and everything else is sure to follow.

And for those creatives out there: Like this quote says, don’t write for everyone because “‘everyone’ isn’t an audience.” Sure, the goal is to reach as many people as possible and therefore make the most impact. But, you have to focus in on those who are already interested and dedicated to the same things that you are. If your content is great and sharable, they will share it, trust me!

Ever wonder why some people even bother to share some of the stuff that they read/see via Twitter and Facebook when it would seem that no one else could possibly be interested in that stuff? I mean really, how many people actually care about the hippos in West Africa? Not many. People share things because they find it relatable to self. They deemed it impressive enough to say: here, everyone look at what this person wrote/created–it’s true right?


Write about what you’re passionate about and direct your story to those that already find those things interesting. If you’re creating something new, hone in on a specific audience first. You can’t focus on everyone because by definition that’s every single person. Ever heard of the phrase “you can’t please everyone?” So don’t. Please someone, and let everyone else fall in line.


Feel free to check out Dan Sinker’s full article, “Oh my god, don’t make things for “Everyone.”


Be sure to comment below if you’re guilty of creating your content or artwork for “everyone.” Are you still doing that? & if not, what made you stop?


So apparently my life is a circle…


(*photo/comic accredited to bitstrips*)

“So many days I fear failure. I don’t understand where others draw their motivation from; what are they fighting for, what do they have that I don’t? God, give me that. Please; I need the desire to strive. I sit and I write and it makes me happy. I sit and I explore and I admire and I listen and that makes me happy. It’s effortless. I need the things that matter to feel effortless, to feel worth it. It doesn’t feel worth it.”

I wrote the above quote in a private blog approximately one year ago- one year and sixteen days ago to be exact. The sad part is, I’m at that point again. Clearly I haven’t quite stumbled upon what it is that I love because now I am lacking all motivation to do anything at all. & trust me my friends, that is a dangerous place to be in. Currently I’m a graduate student and the semester doesn’t end until December, so I’m covered by a safety net. But, that safety net has cost me a whopping 30k so far. Absolute BS, I know. And don’t get me wrong, the field that I am in is great, and although my goal will always be to help people in whatever I do… I don’t believe that this is the way, at least not for me.

I enjoy writing, even though it may be rubbish. I love photography, although I haven’t done it in a while. I love creating, editing, and designing blogs, webpages, videos and things of that nature. & though all of those things sound amazing, my degree doesn’t quite pertain to any of them (Soc. & Psych) and it would seem that a degree in something like English, Journalism, Graphic Design, or Communications would be necessary. My experience begins and ends with HS yearbook (which was amazing) and I got paid to take photographs at a party once (also amazing). So, what to do now is the question….

I need a way out. Any suggestions? Is anyone else stuck doing something they dislike/absolutely hate?