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Sunday Attire: Part II

Two outfits in one day, yes people I’m on a roll! HAHA! So you know how I talked about the simple and classic Sunday attire? Well, here is a more casual outfit that’s still Sunday Best appropriate. As much as I love the fall & winter, Louisiana is way to hot for tons of layering. So you better believe that if there’s a hint of wind and the weather drops below 75 degrees, I’m searching the closet for my boots and sweaters! Here, I layered a cream cardigan and chambray shirt, being sure to push up the sleeves for affect. And I paired it with a new leopard print skirt and some of my favorite bootie heels. To accessorize I added cream and gold jewelry, some older pieces from BRFS, and my rose gold MK watch. I’m still playing with the styling of my hair, so it’s just a dry, chunky twist out.






Shoes: Clarks Women’s Heath Wren Booties

Skirt: Banana Republic

Chambray Shirt: Old Navy (mine is woman’s shirt but this men’s is more similar to the one I have)

Cardigan: Banana Republic Factory Store (BRFS similar) 

Necklace: BRFS (similar Ann Taylor version)

Earrings: BRFS (these are the same as mine but a diff. color & retail, not factory)

Sunday Attire: Part I

Sunday’s Best is what some like to call it. Probably because they’re headed to church and it’s the one day they get to “show out.” Well I don’t know about showing out, but it has always been the standard in my house to dress up on Sunday mornings. Sunday attire means no jeans or tee shirts, no shorts or short skirts, and no tennis shoes or sweats. Of course, Jesus says come as you are, but you know…tradition and all! So, I pull out my fanciest attire and play dress up for the day! Granted, the older I get, the more I’ve learned to bend the rules when it comes to fashion by mixing and matching styles as often as possible. But sometimes, I keep it simple and try to be as classy as possible.

  Oh & I cut my hair again!!! 

If you’re interested in where I got these items, the information and some alternatives will be listed below.

sunday attire, fashion, black girls, natural hair, photography sunday's best, banana republic, nine west, brfs

sunday attire, fashion, black girls, natural hair, photography sunday's best, banana republic, nine west, brfs

sunday attire, fashion, necklace, black girls, photography, sunday's best, banana republic, brfs


IMG_2461  sunday attire, fashion, black girls, natural hair, photography, sunday's best, banana republic, nine west, brfs

Dress: Banana Republic

Shoes: Nine West (similar)

Necklace: Banana Republic Factory Store (similar @ J.Crew)

Earrings: unknown, borrowed from my mom!

Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelet: Banana Republic (similar)

God Can’t Fail Bracelet/Band: GCF

Photo Creds: My Mother Dearest!


beauty, natural hair, forever 21, ootd, fashion, photography

Forever 21, Outfit Of The Day.

ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight, black and white 
ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight,

ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight,
ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight,
ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight,

natural hair, forever 21, beauty, self love

ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight,

ootd, forever 21, natural hair, beauty, fashion, confidence, weight,
Yesterday, I was feeling fancy. & if you follow me on snapchat you would’ve seen my shameless self promotion and me jamming to Beyonce’s “Feeling Myself” lol– my username is callynnlynell, btw! You guys know that since I’ve gained weight, I don’t really view myself the way I used to. At times I don’t always see the beauty, even though I know it’s there, and when I look at pics it’s almost depressing to see how big I allowed myself to get. But no worries, I’m not depressed and I’m working on it! It is nice, though, to have days like this–where I feel fancy. Sure, I see the roundness in my cheeks and my boobs look like implants, lol, but I still look hot–I don’t care what anyone says! Some days, you just have to brush it off and tell yourself that you look amazing, no matter what! There’s no reason to beat yourself up; just use what you see now as motivation to change & become what you want to be in the future. I may not be forever 21, but I am forever beautiful.

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bracelet: Banana Republic Factory Store

Necklace: Banana Republic Factory Store

The ring and smaller bracelet are from my mother and are quite old, so I don’t have links for those! Also, the Banana Republic Factory Store site has a very limited selection & their jewelry isn’t on there at all, so I linked to something I would’ve worn from the retail store.



Why’d You Cut Your Natural Hair?!

 Brace yourself kids, ish is about to get real!

natural hair, afro, dyed hair, photography

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, I chopped off all of my natural hair. Any other time, this wouldn’t be a big deal, as I’m always cutting my hair after I get bored with it, but this was a bit different. After cutting it, I got the usual remarks:

“Omg, why’d you cut all of your hair off?”


“Omg I can’t believe you cut it! Whyyy? I loved your hair.”

or my favorite,

“But it was so pretty and so long!”

Thanks guys. I’m sure it’s so short and so ugly now–appreciate all of your love and support.

In most instances, I don’t care what people think about me or my hair because frankly, it’s nobody else’s business. If I wanted to go bald it shouldn’t mean a dang thing to anybody else or their mama! But this time, the haircut meant something. It was difficult for me to cut it because I knew that if I did, when I did, I would have to make it worth while. If not, what would have been the point? Here’s what I sent to my mom and sisters in a group text, you know, just to avoid any unwanted commentary whilst already in a vulnerable state:

“…I’m on a journey and I had to do something for myself. Over the past 5 years I’ve gained 70lbs. I fluctuate between 214 and 220 right now. I didn’t feel pretty anymore. My face is round, I know. I don’t need any reminders. I was eating out way to much, spending tons of money and shopping unnecessarily. I’ve been being lazy and not going after my dreams. So I cut my hair. I cut my hair because it’s a part of my journey to change. Mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically…So, not that it matters or I owe anybody an explanation, but there ya go.”

In late October of 2014, I began my journey–one that required I start anew. These past couple of years have been interesting for me. I gained tons of weight, dropped out of graduate school twice, voluntarily moved back in with my parents and am currently using my hard-earned degree to simply work in retail–something had to change. Don’t get me wrong, retail is cool, but that is not what I had planned for my life; and although I get a kick out of it most days, it will soon grow into a place of misery. I went from living life in NYC, to settling back down in rural, South Louisiana. As I’m sure you can imagine, internally I was losing my shxt! So, I made a decision: I am going to do what I love to do and not settle for anything less than that! I am not only going to learn to love myself for who and what I am, but grow into an even better version of that and continue to love her just as much! & as my hair grows back and changes over the years, I intend to grow and change with it.

So, to any and everyone who asked or was wondering, that’s why I cut my hair–not that it’s any of your concern, my dear.

Remember, grow to love and appreciate yourself because “you see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” -Mother Teresa


Are any of you going through a transitional phase in your lives? Have any of you struggled with or been successful in weight loss? If so, please feel free to comment below and share your stories, tips and words of encouragement!

Love ya!


Please Don’t Hate Me.

Like my hair? It’s two-strand-twisted & the headband is an old belt that I borrowed from my sister to create a temporary Bohemian-ish look. Makeup is super plain jane 😉

Hello there beautiful people! 😀

I know, I know, I haven’t written a solid post in weeks, and the daily quotes have also been MIA. I sincerely apologize, but please don’t hate me. I’m back now and I’m returning in full force! I have tons of new ideas for the site–which I will blog about in a separate post–and I am debating the move to wordpress.org for flexibility of design and potential ad revenue. If any of you have any advice, feel free to leave it below!

Anyway, this was just meant to serve as a quick hello and a major apology. I will be posting a daily quote shortly and a full post will go up in the afternoon. Other than that, I hope you guys are doing well! 🙂

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @callynnlynell and Instagram @callynnw, and like my Facebook page, Lynella!, to keep in touch! Also, I may start to make some videos to pair with certain posts, but I’m not sure– too introverted for that, lol. But feel free to find me on Youtube as well. Have an awesome day!

Loving you long time,


natural hair, big hair, black hair, fro

A Phrase I Hate: “My Natural Hair.”

Yes, I probably said what you think I said: that I hate the saying/phrase/wording/whatever, “natural hair.” Do I hate naturals? No. I am one. But, saying it like that has always bothered me. I mean, think about how ridiculous that really sounds–I am wearing my natural hair. For perspective, I would never say: Ooh girl, I’m wearing my natural Black skin from now on. Like, what?


     fro, natural hair, dyed hair, big hairfro, natural hair, dyed hair, big hair  fro, natural hair, dyed hair, big hair

My hair has been in its natural state for 4 years now, as of June 19th. I’ve cut it on several different occasions, dyed it once, and braided it up time upon time again. I love it and I would never, ever in life relax it again! But, I have always thought that having to state that I “went natural” or “am natural” was kind of silly–no one else has to say that about their hair or anything else. 

big chop, natural hair, fade, black hair

(One week after I cut my hair in 2010)

        natural hair, twa, black hair, big chop

(One day after I chopped it all off again in 2012 because an experimental haircut didn’t go as planned! –Yes that is Nick Jonas on my door and I was def. in college. Judge all you want! Nick, knows what’s up. Lol)

When I first cut my hair, it was such a huge ordeal. Not necessarily for me, but for everyone around me. But, that’s another story for another post (if you’d like to know about the screaming, crying, yelling, and all out affair that involved me “having permission” to cut it at the age of 19, feel free to let me know! 🙂 ) Unlike a lot of naturals, I didn’t transition at all. I went straight for the BC (big chop). I cut it all by myself–and every other time to follow. People would say, Omg I didn’t know you were going natural! or What made you decide to go natural? or Omg I love your hair like that! & to that, I simply say thank you because I absolutely appreciate it. But what’s interesting is that when I got a relaxer in the 6th grade I said it once and it was never mentioned again.  

black hair, relaxed hair

(I’m thinking this was after a fresh relaxer in the 9th grade? Not entirely sure, though)

Those who have relaxed hair never have to say so. No one ever says, I love your relaxed hair (or permed hair as some say, which isn’t actually correct), or What made you get a relaxer every four weeks?, or Oh no, I’ve actually been relaxed for 7 years now! If anything, shouldn’t that be the thing that’s announced? Having my hair in its natural state is like having the brown skin on my body. It’s what I am and what I was born with, so why must I announce it as such? And you know what really trips me out? When people say:

Them: “Omg how did you get your hair like that?”

Me: “Well ,I just put water in it today, I didn’t really do anything.

Them: But noooo, how’d you get it to curl like that?

Me: Oh I didn’t do anything, I just wet it this morning. This is what it looks like. *cue nervous laughter*

Them: Oh come on girl, you had to put something in it, huh?

Me: No ma’am, this is just water. I use a few things sometimes, but I didn’t have time today and I haven’t done it in like a week. *backs away from this awkward conversation*

Like, I can’t have naturally curly hair? I have to be using Kinky Curly or something? Chill, ma’am.

[gird-gallery id=”3″]

(My hair when I actually do something to it. Twists–which are worn for at least 2 weeks–and the twist out)

And lastly, my biggest pet peeve of all: “NATURAL HAIR ISN’T FOR EVERYBODY.” If I was as rude as the people who say this, I’d politely tell them to go eff themselves. How dare you? What the heck does that even mean–the hair that grows out of my hair isn’t for me? When God made me, he somehow managed to assign me the wrong hair type? Okay, thanks for that.

No! You are absolutely incorrect. My hair is mine and you have no right to say that it’s not for everybody. Personally, I’ve never been told that it didn’t work for me, but I have had people say that they wished other people’s looked like mine or that they “rocked it the way that I do,” because it isn’t for everyone. I’ve even heard women who wear their hair in its natural state say it. Shame on you, ma’am. Shame. On. You. No one tells women with straight hair that it’s not for them. Or women with weave, or dyes. Or women of other races that their hair isn’t cool. Why the freak should I be concerned about wearing my hair? IT’S MINE! & I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO ANNOUNCE IT!

But, anyway. I understand that it’s a more complicated and in-depth discussion than that. I know that everything ties back to slavery, and segregation, and changing not just your hair, but maybe even your identity to simply be accepted. I understand that it’s a “natural hair movement” because women are regaining the confidence to be who they are. I get it and I understand.

All I’m saying is that I don’t like it. Having to announce what I am is dumb. I don’t do it for anything else and I shouldn’t have to do it for this. But that’s just me.