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Alabama Shakes & Brittany Howard


It’s been some time since I’ve done a musical post, but I could not pass up the opportunity to rave about the band, Alabama Shakes. Apparently, these lovely humans have been making musical magic since 2009, but I only had the pleasure of hearing their songs for the first time on a Banana Republic soundtrack. When “Don’t Wanna Fight” first played, my closest guy coworker and I immediately started jamming out. This guy sounded amazing and there was so much power in this song. Then, “Gimme All Your Love” came on, and I felt it in my soul–the music, the voice, it was insane. I had no idea what he was saying, but somehow he pulled an Adele and found all these emotions I didn’t know were there, exposing them for the world to see!

You guys should press play & allow the song to play as you read, that way you experience the truth as I did!

But what makes this even more amazing, is the shocking truth I later discovered. As I was searching for the music on YouTube, videos of the band popped up and the lead singer seemed to be a woman. I was very confused, as the voice I’d been hearing was clearly that of a man, right? Wrong. This genius sound and these powerful vocals were none other than Brittany Howard, a gorgeous, full-figured lady, with a fierce haircut, trendy glasses, and a large tattoo on her right arm.

brittany howard, alabama shakes, music, youtube, rock music

Howard is Alabama Shakes’ lead vocalist and guitarist. She and their bassist, Zac Cockrell started their journey on YouTube, posting both covers and original songs. Now, the band of four has two studio albums; the most recent was released in April of this year. It just so happens that all of the amazing songs my job exposed me to are from the band’s newest album Sound & Color.

alabama shakes, music, dont wanna fight no more, gimme all your love, brittany howard

If you guys don’t believe me after hearing the first track, watch the videos below and believe it! I love that the lead vocalist is a woman, but also shame on me for assuming it was a man. I mean, her voice is deeper than most, so I guess I’m in the clear. But doubting that the strength and power her vocals carry could come from a woman–let’s just say I won’t ever do it again!

 Lynella


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