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New Skincare Routine: AMBI Products

Having clear skin is not only attributed to a great daily skin care routine, but largely to what we eat, our water intake, how much sleep we’re getting and how much we’re exercising. I’ve asked several people, who have seemingly flawless skin, what their secret is and they always credit their lifestyle first. So many of them drink very few sodas, if any at all, tons of water, and they exercise. Unfortunately, I’m already starting in the negative, as my diet is so wishy-washy. I know that what I currently eat contributes to my random breakouts, and eliminating unhealthy, processed foods from my diet could stop those.

I’ve never had much of an acne problem, just breakouts related to poor eating habits. In middle school–even as a fit dancer, I might add–I would have at least one can of Sprite and a Snickers or Twix bar A DAY! Because of that, I would get random pimples or tiny bumps across my face; when I didn’t eat those things, the breakouts didn’t occur. The same thing applies present day–my body always lets me know when it’s fed up with me. To be honest, it wouldn’t be a big deal but I am always picking at everything! If I see something, blackheads, whiteheads, redness, anything, my first instinct is to try to squeeze it away; but, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do! The only time you should try to rid yourself of a pimple is when it has a whitehead; and when you attack that sucker, it should be with a q-tip. Our skin is oily, our pores are open, and our hands are dirty. You should try to keep your hands out of your face as much as possible. But because I didn’t following this advice, I have dark scar marks. These can fade away naturally by using cocoa butter or shea butter, but it may take longer.

If you guys remember my recent LUSH post, I was trying their exfoliating wash and fading cream. I wasn’t a fan of the results, so I reverted back to a product I used in high school and college.The quality of the above photographs aren’t great, but hopefully you can tell that my skin was pretty clear. I had very few scarred marks, and because I ate healthier, it remained clearer longer. At the time, AMBI was a major part of my skin care routine; it helped fade my scarred marks and even out my skin tone. I think it worked pretty well and I saw results fairly quickly. The only negative is that the products aren’t natural. The fading cream doesn’t smell great, but that’s because you can smell the alpha hydroxy acid–aka the agent that helps with discoloration.

ambi, skincare, facewash, fade cream, black women, black skincare, women of color, beauty tips

AMBI is targeted towards women of color, and as they stated “designed for melanin-rich skin.” I purchased three items:

  • the Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash, which helps to remove dead skin cells, clear skin of pimples and breakouts, and promotes even skin tones;
  • the Even & Clear Daily Moisturizer, a lightweight moisturizer with soy and vitamins C & E, that helps to even the skin tone and reduce discolorations;
  • and the Fade Cream for Normal Skin, which helps to fade dark mark, while maintaining the natural skin tone (I should have gotten the one for oily skin).

In addition to the AMBI products, I also use Equate’s Makeup Removal Wipes as a pre-cleanser on makeup days. If you’re interested in seeing what that looks like, I’ve linked my YouTube

My journey toward healthy, clear skin is an ongoing process, but I’m sure this will be a great start to that. If you guys have any tips or products that you love, please write about them below. Until next time!


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