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Guys, I met Sawyer Hartman and Cyr today! I was sitting in Starbucks, hard at work, and I saw Sawyer getting coffee. I thought to myself, I must be hallucinating because I am in southern Louisiana and there is no way he’s here. But it was him!

He was super sweet and we chatted for a few minutes. Apparently, they were there shooting a video on location and they’d just finished. I asked him how he liked it here, and he said that it was hot but pretty, lol. He mentioned that it was a nice break from the city, but I told him I wanted to be where they were. I was like, take me with youuuuu! Hahaha.

Lessons learned:

1. Don’t be afraid to say hello! They were super friendly and I’m so glad I spoke up.

2. Ask for a picture if you want one! I regret not getting a photo with them; I could’ve blogged about and Insta-ed that ish!

3. Try to bum out less. Yes, you’re beautiful always, duh. But try to be presentable! I didn’t look terrible or anything, but I was definitely bumming out. You never know who you’re going to run into or what opportunities may present themselves. Always be on guard folks!

Anyway, that was an awesome experience. Thanks to Sawyer and Cyr for chatting with me and making my day. I’ve linked their social accounts below so you guys can check them out.

Btw, I am a 24 yo adult ladies, so don’t think it’s just the teens out there that go crazy, lol.

Love you guys <3

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Sawyer: TwitterYoutube & Instagram

Cyr: Twitter & Youtube


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