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Roommates: You Used My Mouthwash?!

*disclaimer: If you don’t like memes, I’m sorry but they were the most appropriate. If you don’t care, do continue reading 🙂

Let me just preface this by saying, I am probably one of the most selfless people when it comes to helping, serving, and sharing with others. And this isn’t a self-proclaimed attribute, it’s what I’ve heard my entire life. I’m an INFP after all. But over the years I’ve grown to learn that it is okay to have things that are just mine. Like oh, I don’t know, MY MOUTHWASH! 

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I’m always up for sharing and even though it’s common courtesy to ask, I don’t always care if someone doesn’t. I’m very self-reliant; therefore, I buy everything for myself instead of sharing purchasing duties with others. Even if someone wants to go halfsies, I’d just prefer to buy it and allow them to use it because I don’t ever want to feel like I need to ask to use something, or that I’m overusing what isn’t mine.

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