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Alabama Shakes & Brittany Howard


It’s been some time since I’ve done a musical post, but I could not pass up the opportunity to rave about the band, Alabama Shakes. Apparently, these lovely humans have been making musical magic since 2009, but I only had the pleasure of hearing their songs for the first time on a Banana Republic soundtrack. When “Don’t Wanna Fight” first played, my closest guy coworker and I immediately started jamming out. This guy sounded amazing and there was so much power in this song. Then, “Gimme All Your Love” came on, and I felt it in my soul–the music, the voice, it was insane. I had no idea what he was saying, but somehow he pulled an Adele and found all these emotions I didn’t know were there, exposing them for the world to see!

You guys should press play & allow the song to play as you read, that way you experience the truth as I did!

But what makes this even more amazing, is the shocking truth I later discovered. As I was searching for the music on YouTube, videos of the band popped up and the lead singer seemed to be a woman. I was very confused, as the voice I’d been hearing was clearly that of a man, right? Wrong. This genius sound and these powerful vocals were none other than Brittany Howard, a gorgeous, full-figured lady, with a fierce haircut, trendy glasses, and a large tattoo on her right arm.

brittany howard, alabama shakes, music, youtube, rock music

Howard is Alabama Shakes’ lead vocalist and guitarist. She and their bassist, Zac Cockrell started their journey on YouTube, posting both covers and original songs. Now, the band of four has two studio albums; the most recent was released in April of this year. It just so happens that all of the amazing songs my job exposed me to are from the band’s newest album Sound & Color.

alabama shakes, music, dont wanna fight no more, gimme all your love, brittany howard

If you guys don’t believe me after hearing the first track, watch the videos below and believe it! I love that the lead vocalist is a woman, but also shame on me for assuming it was a man. I mean, her voice is deeper than most, so I guess I’m in the clear. But doubting that the strength and power her vocals carry could come from a woman–let’s just say I won’t ever do it again!

 Lynella

coco, cocaine, drugs, in love with the coco, song lyrics, ot genasis

Are You In Love With Cocaine?

“I’m in love with the coco.” Better yet, “I’m in love with the [cocaine]!” Uh yeah, ridiculous, I know, but somehow no one else seems to think so. Somehow America and the rest of the world made this asinine song soar to the top of the charts. & although some people may have addressed the possible glorification of the usage and selling of cocaine, I’m not sure if anyone questioned the consumer. Why are we supporting this song? Because the beat is good?

O.T. Genasis’ song “Coco,” which is an outright reference to selling cocaine, became extremely popular upon release, and the Twitter, Vine, and Youtube communities went insane. The video has 134,462,309 views as of date and nearly 1 million likes. Fortunately, it has 162,000+ dislikes, meaning some of you are in your right minds, but unfortunately that ratio is very low. In the video below, I comically address the issues that stem from this song. So, be sure to watch and let me guys know what you think!

& seriously guys, since when are we all in love with cocaine?

family, rachel, photography

Family, Gotta Love 'Em: Rachel & Photographs.

family, rachel, photography

I looked up the definition of family and this is what dictionary.com gave me:any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins. For some people, their family dynamics consist of just that and nothing more. They speak to one another due to obligation; they tolerate each other because “blood is thicker than water” –whatever that’s actually supposed to mean. If you ask me, having a great & reliable family is a wonderful thing. And even when you have someone who’s not the best at their role, but they’re putting forth the effort, that’s fine–I would take the attempt over the lack thereof. 

family, rachel, photography

Fortunately, I was blessed with an amazing family. My parents are more wonderful than you could imagine, my sisters are my best friends, my brother-in-law is basically the brother that I never had, and my nieces and nephew are God’s most beautiful blessings–come on, you’ve seen them! My extended family, on the other hand, is a bit of a mix. Some of them are cool, some…not so much. But, it’s okay because I don’t depend on them and they’re doing enough for me. To those that do and offer more, thank you!

family, rachel, photography, black and white  family, rachel, photography, sepia  family, rachel, photography

Rachel is one of those people. She’s my first cousin and one of my mom’s many nieces. She and I weren’t very close when we were younger. In fact, I didn’t like her very much because she would always call my little sister stupid–not sure why, as she’s quite smart–and behaved quite cruel towards us . But in retrospect, the kid was dealing with a lot. Thankfully, we’re closer now. She practically lives at my house on the weekends and sometimes during the week–which is funny because we’re all 20 and over now. She’ll be invited to all of our family functions, even when some other family members aren’t, and she’s sure to be a bridesmaid in my wedding.

rachel, family, photography, black and white

I’ve watch her grow over the years, and I love her dearly. I respect the passion she has for her craft and how she attempts to make everyone love music and the clarinet just as much as she does–I could never! But I listen to her because I know that not everyone will, and she definitely deserves it. I think it’s funny when people deem others as weird or strange because they’re interested in things that aren’t mainstream. Whatever, dude! Love what you love, and be who you are. Beethoven was probably pretty strange back in his day, but when people heard his music they could do nothing but pay attention.

You never know when you’re encountering a Beethoven, people, so be sure to pay attention.

Love you, Rae!

family, rachel, photography

A big thanks to Rachel for letting me photograph her! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @rae_harvey!

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Nick Jonas: I Still Get Jealous, 10 Years Later.

I love this man, I swear I do. And to all of you bandwagon fans: it’s okay, I welcome you aboard–I mean, I do understand after all. 


Nick Jonas, God’s wonderful blessing to us all, has returned to the music scene, once again, with a full-on solo career. As most of you know, he was previously in the band Jonas Brothers, with his brothers Kevin and Joe, and briefly entertained a side project, also known as Nick Jonas & the Administration. The three also starred in a few Disney films, like Camp Rock, and had their own television show, Jonas L.A–which occasionally featured their little brother, Frankie. Now little Nicky isn’t so little anymore, and I must say, both Hollywood and social media are losing their shxt!

Things seemed to pick up a bit when Nick released his song Jealous, which, surprisingly, has an awesome R&B vibe. I remember first hearing the song on the radio and not recognizing that it was him–and then obviously freaking out when I realized it was! Personally, I find the music video a bit silly and ridiculous, but it takes nothing away from the song–and it doesn’t hurt that the man behind the voice is basically an angel.


nick jonas calvin klein marky mark

People later went crazy because…well, you saw the pics! Like I said, Nick grew up and he let the world know it! After first posting some personal pictures showing a bit of bare chest, and later posing shirtless for a few other magazines, my boy took home the prize by doing a shoot for Flaunt Magazine that was nearly identical to the 1992 Calvin Klein shoot of the beautiful Mark Wahlberg–check out his accent in the video below! #throwbackthursday for sure!

I won’t post any more of the pictures because you can search for those yourselves–and my mother happens to read this blog! But you get the drift; times, they are a changin’.

nick jonas kingdom

Nick just released a new album entitled, Nick Jonas; he’s one of the stars in the drama television series, Kingdom, which airs on Audience TV; he just told the world on the Wendy Williams’s talk show that he’s no longer a virgin–this really only matters to you if you cared about them back then and were aware that he and his brothers wore purity rings; and he’s even dating Miss Universe. Miss freaking Universe people! Recently, he released a super awesome gospel version of his song Jealous, which is all of the buzz and surpassed 3 million views today. Check it out below!

I remember when people would laugh at me for liking the Jonas Brothers and even more so for loving Nick. Granted, he is a bit younger than me, and I did continue to like them well into my adulthood–you know, when they were a bit played out. But what did that matter? Don’t believe me? Check this:

When I was 18, my then boyfriend got me several lovely gifts for Valentines Day: A singing stuffed animal–classic; the new India Arie album at the time–because I love her of course; and dinner and a movie– you know, the norm. Oh wait! I forgot to mention that he also gifted me with two very large posters of both The Jonas Brothers posing for Rolling Stone and one of Nick posing alone. Yes people, it was something serious! I still have them and I will never regret bringing them to college and hanging them up in my dorm room.

nick jonas college

(Yes, that really is me & I was super hot, I know…let’s move on! Here is my dorm room freshman year, 2009. Tinkerbell was for my roommate.)

nick jonas college - Version 3(Oh, you didn’t see the posters? Here’s a blown up version, for those who may not believe me!)

But as they say, “haters gonna hate & ainters gonna aint,” people! (Shoutout to the new Seth Rogan and James Franco movie, The Interview! It’ll be released on Christmas Day.) No matter what, I will always be a Nick Jonas fan. I’ve been down since day one and that is never gonna change. And since I know he’ll never see this, we can totes still get married and have the cutest babies! Ha! If you want to see the actual posters, they’ll be on my instagram. Be sure to check out Nick’s new album on iTunes, follow him on twitter, instagram, and subscribe to his Vevo YouTube Channel. Until then folks, try not to get too jealous, eh?




Wildfire & Waves: SBTRKT, Mr. Probz & Robin Schulz


Hey guys! As you know, I like to do musical posts every so often. Nothing too deep really, just sharing some of the music that I have been enjoying and replaying literally nonstop.

The first song is Wildfire by SBTRKT, pronounced subtract, who’s actually guy named Aaron Jerome.

YouTube: please specify correct url

I first heard Wildfire on our work playlist a few months ago, but forgot about it. Later, I heard the song again in one of Joe Sugg’s vlogs of Bestival–which took place in the heart of the Isle of Wight (UK)–and I was going mad because I couldn’t understand the lyrics on his video and there was no one linking to or mentioning the song. But, a few days ago it started playing again at work, and I demanded that my manager tell me what the song was. The beat is so catchy and the lyrics are clear enough for you to figure out most of what she’s saying, but vague enough to make you second guess yourself. It’s also quite smooth and mesmerizing and, obviously, full of electronic and dubstep elements. Check it out!

The second favorite is Waves by Mr. Probz, the Robin Schulz Remix. The original song is quite slow but was transformed into an upbeat, electronic hit by Robin Schulz. I heard this song on the radio and loved it immediately, but I could never remember it by the time I got home. Yesterday, I heard it again and quickly whipped out my phone to type in some key lyrics. More than anything, this guy’s voice is quite memorable. Sure, there’s some auto-tune or something thrown in there, but that raspiness is surely his own. Again, the beat is catchy and easily a club hit, but also mellow enough to relax to.

As always, be sure to check out all the links and if you listen to any of the songs, do let me know if you enjoyed them–or hated them, whichever!


ed sheeran multiply album

Ed Sheeran: Don’t F*ck With My Love!

Calm down, I’m not angry at some man! I’m actually quite happy with one– his name is Ed Sheeran! It’s been a minute since I’ve done a musical post and I have had a few songs on replay for the past week now– one of them being “Don’t” by the one and only Mr. Sheeran.
ED sheeran tatoos

Ed Sheeran seems absolutely adorable with his red hair, English accent, and completely unthreatening/artistic tattoos. His first album, Plus (+), was completely acoustic and the songs were soft and sweet. When I first heard “The A Team” and “Small Bump,” they were actually being covered by a Youtube artist, Zeek Power— you guys should check out his channel, he’s great!  And when I watched the video for “Lego House,” I was thoroughly confused. At the time, I didn’t know Rupert Grint’s real name and assumed that the renowned Harry Potter star was not only an actor, but also a singer whose real name must have been Ed Sheeran. No worries though, I got things cleared up in the end. I looked into Sheeran and was impressed; his music was on rotation on my local radio stations and I officially became a fan.

But this year, he took me by surprise. One day I was listening to the radio in my car and “Sing” started playing. I thought to myself: “Wait a minute…is this Ed Sheeran? Nahhh, it can’t be. Whaaat?! I like it!” Some of his new songs have more of a pop-like sound, are super catchy and a bit edgier. It also seems that he went a bit personal with these, as a few songs are clearly about his past relationships– “Nina,” inspired by Nina Nesbitt, and “Don’t,” which is apparently about Ellie Goulding. But let’s not concentrate on the gossip, stay focused on the music!

I checked out the album, with plans to purchase it, but I wasn’t immediately impressed with the iTunes snippets. I need to give the songs a full review on Youtube before I commit –I’m not the biggest fan of buying single songs for $1.29; if the entire album is decent I’d rather buy the whole thing. Also, I like owning CDs —oooh so retro of me, I know— that way I can play them in my car and have the mp3s. (Yes, I know I can just sync my iPhone to my car but physical albums are better, okay!) Although those three songs are my favorites at the moment, especially “Don’t” and “Nina,” I am also a bit over the replays on the radio stations.

ed sheeran

Overall, I definitely suggest that you check out the album, even if it’s only to buy a few of the songs. Both Ed Sheeran and his music are equally awesome. & although some of the official music videos have been sort of strange, give them quick look; they’re worth at least one watch. Also, please be sure to check out the video below that he did with Ruby Sessions TV; it’s an amazing mashup of Sheeran’s songs, “Don’t” and “Nina,” Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” and Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode ft. Snoop Dogg.” I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

You can follow the lovely redhead on TwitterSoundcloud and Tumblr, subscribe to his Youtube channel, and like his Facebook page! You can also buy the deluxe CD album here, digital album here, or find both on iTunes. If you listen to some of the songs, let me know in the comments what you thought. Did you like my picks, or do you have favorites of your own? If you’re a veteran Sheeran fan, let me know which album you prefer.

Until next time folks!

ed sheeran gif don't

I Was Here: Quote 36.

I could cry every time I hear this song and even more so when I watch this video–gives me chills.

Be here. Be present. Make YOUR mark on the world.


“I wanna leave my footprints on the sands of time
Know there was something that meant something, that I left behind
When I leave this world I’ll leave no regrets
Leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

I was here
I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

I want to say I lived each day until I died
And know that I meant something in somebody’s life
The hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave
That I made a difference, and this world will see I was here

I lived, I loved
I was here
I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted
And it was more than I thought it would be
I will leave my mark so everyone will know
I was here

I just want them to know
That I gave my all, did my best
Brought someone some happiness
Left this world a little better just because I was here…”

one direction you and i

One Direction: You & I

So, I’m back with another song and some of you may breeze right past this as soon as you see the title. But, oh well! I am a 23-year-old, adult female and I like One Direction; leave me be. Lol. But actually, I’m kind of here to rag on them a bit. As I said, I like 1D and am a supporter, or whatever, but this music video is absolutely ridiculous. Love the song, the video–not so much.

If you haven’t heard their latest hit “You & I,” then where have you been? It plays constantly on the radio; whether you like them or not, at some point you can’t help but hear it because four different stations will play the song at the same time–which is annoying even for me. Then there are days, like today, where I search for it on purpose because I want to hear it; this led me to their video–get ready to shake your head in disapproval.

Quickly, my thoughts as I watched:

1.Niall changed his hair again, meh. I kind of liked it better before, but I guess he’s going for an older look.

2. Niall morphs into Liam?? Um okay, what is really happening.

3. Liam does a random, little hand wave and then swipes his hand across his face, turning into Harry. Okay guys…this is getting old. You know, because it doesn’t look real and all. (& don’t get me started on that little jog he did for, like, 5 seconds. What even was that, Harry? I love you, but nah.)

4. Harry does a spin-around and turns into Zayn. Okay, not that bad.

5. Louis. Poor, poor Louis. Zayn turns his head and morphs into a 70-year-old man, I’m sorry I meant Louis. Not a good look for my boy or his hair.

6. The Harry facial zoom in. Can’t complain about that one.

7. All of their separate Matrix bodies run to catch up with their present bodies–except Harry, of course; not to mention all the other random freeze frames.

8. Zayn’s jacket. -__-

9. The crate. The purple ball. Just what?

And then the video ends.

Again, I like the song but the video is pushing it a bit. I don’t really get the concept, but when does 1D, or anyone for that matter, ever have a video that matches the song these days? Also, in the process of writing this I noticed that Lauren Yapalater of Buzzfeed did a very similar post, but hers is much cooler because she has graphics. So, feel free to check that link out here.

the 1975, settle down

The 1975 – Settle Down (Young Ruffian Remix)

I haven’t done a musical post in a while, so here’s what I’ve listened to on repeat for the past couple of days. I am absolutely in love with this song, particularly the remixed version. I live on YouTube and am obsessed with some of the well renown YouTubers; but due to copyright issues they can’t play mainstreamed music, so I’m always learning of new artists–especially bands from the UK.

Fun fact: I like all things British 🙂

I heard the remixed version of Settle Down the other day on Marcus Butler’s channel & fell in love. It has great sound and such a chill vibe. The 1975 is an indie rock band from Manchester and I hadn’t heard of them before this. I really like the original version as well–which is more upbeat and sounds like something from the 80s, maybe? –so I plan to check out more of their music.

Be sure to listen to both versions; if you don’t like one, you may like the other. You can buy the original on iTunes, and the remix is also available for free on Soundcloud. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!