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Jean-Jacques Rousseau : Quote 54.

Hey everyone! How are you guys doing? I’ve been MIA, I know, I know & I apologize. I pray that you all have been well! Here is a thought for the day:

I ran across the quote below in an email that I’d save from my previous blog posts and thought I would share it again. I discovered this quote as an undergrad in a political science course that focused on philosophers like Jean-Jacques Rousseau; the passage below the quote was my initial reaction.

“I expect I shall not easily be forgiven for taking the side I have dared to take. Clashing head in with all that is today admired by men, I can only expect universal blame: and it is not for having been honored by the approbation of a few Wise men, that I should expect the approbation of the Public: Thus I have chosen my side; I do not care whether I please Wits or the Fashionable. There will always be men destined to be subjugated by the opinions of their century, their Country, their Society: Some men today act the part of a Freethinker and the Philosopher who, for some reason, would have been fanatics at the time of the League. One ought not to write for such Readers when one wants to live beyond one’s century.” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Not certain what this is in reference to yet, being that I’m in the preface of the book, ha, but it made me think of being a Christian. Not a poser for Christ, but someone who is a genuine Christian, Christ seeker, and lover of God..especially in today’s society. Oh the world we currently live in, sweet children; say a prayer.

At the time I applied the quote to religion–specifically Christianity, as I am a follower of Christ–and I still believe that to be true, but honestly it’s applicable to everything. No matter what, hold fast to what you believe in. Make choices based upon your own morality and your personal truth. Unfortunately society operates as one big groupthink ” a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome” for those of you who don’t know what that is. Sure, we should all be influenced by one another, and we all work together to function and coexist as a society; but, that doesn’t mean that you should change your values and beliefs on the basis of what others believe to be true. What do you believe to be true?

Live for that.

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(Much More Than) 24 Hours Later.

I know, I know, I said it’d only be 24 hours until I made another post, but I lied. Not on purpose, though. My sister’s family was staying with us, and it’s quite difficult to focus on anything when you have an 8 month old and a 3 and 5-year-old roaming the house. Don’t get me wrong, they’re the best kids in the world, but it’s very hard to leave their cute little faces and dedicate time to work. & even more so when you rarely get to see them.


It’s also been a very busy time and quite a few things have changed. Did you notice that I said my sister’s family was staying with us? Who is this us? My parents, my younger sister and myself. Yup, the rents had all of their children at home this week, and I was one of them. I’m not in graduate school anymore! Dun Dun Dunnnn. 

Yes, yes, it is indeed true; my dreams have not died, but my desire to further my education has. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in higher edu. and it can definitely be beneficial; but, I got my BA in 2012 and after taking breaks in between and also being uncertain about what I wanted to do, I realized that maybe it wasn’t for me. There were a few other things that contributed to my decision, but that was one of the major ones. I also realized that I didn’t need the masters to get the job that I wanted. Experience is what made the difference and an MA in English wasn’t giving me that. So anyway, that’s that– for now.


  Freshly Made Green Smoothies


Homemade Barbecue and Store Bought Dessert


Midday Breakfast (Oatmeal and fruits) and Editing


My Starbucks Usual These Days

So, what all happened during my hiatus? 1. I moved back home. 2. My older sister’s house flooded and they were staying with us until their floors and walls were finished. 3. My mom had a 50th Birthday Celebration that my sisters and I coordinated. 4. I start working again at Banana Republic, part-time, and I’m searching for a big-girl job with benefits and such. 5. I have every intention to move from this wretched state once again, so I’m looking for cities to embark upon another journey. 7. Random, good fun. 6. Other stuff. So, yup.

cropped-girls.jpgSome friends and myself at my mother’s 50th!

All in all, I’m back. Everyone is gone and I have returned to the real world. I will be writing posts regularly again and some will include the events that I mentioned above, e.g. my mom’s party. Again, I hope everyone’s been doing well and I’ll be back with another post soon.

Love ya,



I don’t want to go to sleep, because if I do that means tomorrow is coming. And I thank God for every tomorrow that he’s given me and for every one to come, but I’m really not sure that I’m ready for this tomorrow. I hate to see others suffer, to see them in pain, but it’s even more unbearable when it’s your family.
Momo: I love you and I pray you find peace upon telling your son goodbye.
Papa: I love you and I’ve never seen you cry, but know that no matter what: he knows you loved him.
Mom: I love you and you are the best woman that I know and the most amazing that I will ever meet, but you have to be strong; but in your strength, know that it’s okay to cry.
Dear Aunts: I love you and your brother loved you, so tomorrow share that love in your farewell.
Uncle: I love you and I’m sorry you didn’t get to say goodbye in the way that you wished, but no goodbye would have been easier than another.
Family: I love you.
Uncle Pipe: I love you, and although I can’t recall our memories, I’ll miss you just the same. I’m not particularly looking forward to tomorrow, but I’m thankful for it nonetheless.

So apparently my life is a circle…


(*photo/comic accredited to bitstrips*)

“So many days I fear failure. I don’t understand where others draw their motivation from; what are they fighting for, what do they have that I don’t? God, give me that. Please; I need the desire to strive. I sit and I write and it makes me happy. I sit and I explore and I admire and I listen and that makes me happy. It’s effortless. I need the things that matter to feel effortless, to feel worth it. It doesn’t feel worth it.”

I wrote the above quote in a private blog approximately one year ago- one year and sixteen days ago to be exact. The sad part is, I’m at that point again. Clearly I haven’t quite stumbled upon what it is that I love because now I am lacking all motivation to do anything at all. & trust me my friends, that is a dangerous place to be in. Currently I’m a graduate student and the semester doesn’t end until December, so I’m covered by a safety net. But, that safety net has cost me a whopping 30k so far. Absolute BS, I know. And don’t get me wrong, the field that I am in is great, and although my goal will always be to help people in whatever I do… I don’t believe that this is the way, at least not for me.

I enjoy writing, even though it may be rubbish. I love photography, although I haven’t done it in a while. I love creating, editing, and designing blogs, webpages, videos and things of that nature. & though all of those things sound amazing, my degree doesn’t quite pertain to any of them (Soc. & Psych) and it would seem that a degree in something like English, Journalism, Graphic Design, or Communications would be necessary. My experience begins and ends with HS yearbook (which was amazing) and I got paid to take photographs at a party once (also amazing). So, what to do now is the question….

I need a way out. Any suggestions? Is anyone else stuck doing something they dislike/absolutely hate?