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YouTube Makeup Tutorial!

Hey guys! How’s it going? I have some fun, new information for you and I’m sure you may have guessed it from the title of this post. Yes, you read it correctly, ya girl now has a YouTube Channel! I finally took the plunge and decided to add video footage as another outlet for everything that’s going on in this brain of mine. The videos will include a variety of things, as this blog does–beauty, trends, life & everything else! I love the beauty and fashion industry; my interests in fitness and health are expanding; I’ve been attempting to do more activities and travel more places so that there’s more to my lifestyle than work, sleep, and food, lol; and societal/cultural issues and pop culture will forever hold a place in my heart. So, if you guys want to keep up with me that way, feel free to head of there and subscribe! I’m working on the length of the videos–yall know I love to talk–but I’d say they’re pretty interesting. The most recent video is below & it’s a makeup tutorial on how to achieve a great look with very few, non-fancy products e.g. M.A.C–whom I love!

Feel free to spread the word and leave any comments or questions under this post! As you know, I love you all. I pray that you are all living, laughing and loving wonderfully.

Love ya!


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"Everyone Isn't An Audience!" :Quote 56

“’Everyone’ isn’t an audience. “Everyone” is a byproduct of an incredibly successful thing that was made for a far more specific bunch of people. Don’t ever make something for “Everyone” make it for someone. And make that person love it.-  Dan Sinker

We are all people pleasers to some degree and that can be okay. But, remember that your main focus should be self and everything else is sure to follow.

And for those creatives out there: Like this quote says, don’t write for everyone because “‘everyone’ isn’t an audience.” Sure, the goal is to reach as many people as possible and therefore make the most impact. But, you have to focus in on those who are already interested and dedicated to the same things that you are. If your content is great and sharable, they will share it, trust me!

Ever wonder why some people even bother to share some of the stuff that they read/see via Twitter and Facebook when it would seem that no one else could possibly be interested in that stuff? I mean really, how many people actually care about the hippos in West Africa? Not many. People share things because they find it relatable to self. They deemed it impressive enough to say: here, everyone look at what this person wrote/created–it’s true right?


Write about what you’re passionate about and direct your story to those that already find those things interesting. If you’re creating something new, hone in on a specific audience first. You can’t focus on everyone because by definition that’s every single person. Ever heard of the phrase “you can’t please everyone?” So don’t. Please someone, and let everyone else fall in line.


Feel free to check out Dan Sinker’s full article, “Oh my god, don’t make things for “Everyone.”


Be sure to comment below if you’re guilty of creating your content or artwork for “everyone.” Are you still doing that? & if not, what made you stop?


The New Year: Blogging and Life Goals.

Hi guys! First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray that you and your families began the year 2015 beautifully and are continuing on a path of joy and happiness as the days progress. I thought I’d give you guys an update on myself, my life goals and the blog’s projection for this year. But first, here’s a few snapshots of how I spent the last couple of months of 2014!

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I have had this blog for about 2 years now, but I’ve only recently began to put efforts into making it function full-time–with some slacking during the last couple of months. I love writing and having the ability to share my ideas and stories with you guys; and although this isn’t my full-time job, or even profitable at this point, I do plan to put more energy into creating great content.

Blogging Goal #1

 I have set a goal to gain at least 1000 subscribers this year!  So yay for what’s to come!

Blogging Goal #2

In addition to the things that I already talk about, this site will begin to include posts about health, food, beauty, fashion, and a bit (more) of pop culture. If you’re unfamiliar with my previous content, I usually write about life events,  personal affairs/interactions and musical favorites–with some inspirational quotes and personal photography mixed in.

Blogging Goal #3

In my efforts of creating more content, I vow to post at least two times a week. Obviously, I intend to do more, but I will not let a week go by without posting at least twice. I will also be amping up my contributions to Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook, and possibly Youtube–big maybe there. So, be sure that you’re following me on all of the listed social media sites by clicking on the links above or the icons located on my site’s main page.

Blogging Goal #4

This doesn’t have much to do with you guys, but I will be attempting to learn more about SEO, optimization, content creation, social media marketing, and other boring stuff that you all probably don’t care about! In addition to that, I have hopes of improving my writing. I’ll show those graduate programs that I didn’t need them to succeed! –You guys have no idea how many times I have reconsidered going back to school, yet again, simply due to the fact that society makes it seem nearly impossible to survive without an advanced degree! But I CAN DO IT!


As I have mentioned before, I have been quite unhappy with the way my life was going. I am dissatisfied with my physical appearance, my emotional state and my relationship with God. One of my main goals this year is to focus on not just my weight but my overall health–I am extremely overweight. Should I tell you guys how much? Sure, why not, this is a safe space– I am roughly 220 lbs. 5’5, 23, no kids, but 220 pounds. Not cool, man. As a step in the right direction I got a gym membership. To date, I’ve been quite often, but I’ve used my busy schedule as an excuse this week. Must get back to it!

Life Goal # 1

Read my bible and pray every day. Although I should be doing this already, I don’t; and it’s quite ridiculous on my end. Sure, I may say a quick prayer every morning and sometimes in the afternoon, but I don’t spend enough time with God. So, I will be certain strengthen my walk with God.

Life Goal #2

Hit the gym at least 3x a week. I will be pushing for 5, but three is a must! I’m going to up my cardio so that I can lost fat before gaining muscle. I also have to do more research about working out, healthy eating, and weight training.

Life Goal #3

Drink more water!! I’ve purchased 32 oz. mason jars and hopefully this will help me keep up with my daily intake.

Life Goal #4

Eliminate all fast food! Now don’t get me wrong, this won’t be easy because grabbing something on the go is much easier and more convenient than dining in or preparing food beforehand, but it must be done. This will not only help with my attempts to eat healthier and portion control, but it’ll also boost my savings 😉

Life Goal #5

Pay off my credit cards!! Simple as that, really.

Life Goal #6

Leave Banana Republic, unfortunately, and establish myself within a career. Although retail can be entertaining on most days, and I enjoy the people I work with–for the most part– it is time for me to go! Remember that misery I said would creep up? She’s making her way towards me and I must avoid her at all costs.

Life Goal #7

BE HAPPY! Whether that be within myself or with others, happiness should run through me at all times!

And I’m sure there are a few more things that I’m missing or haven’t quite thought of, but that’s the gist of it. Obviously I will be keeping you guys up to date with how things are going for me, and I will be sure to write a post recapping everything at the end of the year. To some people it may not seem like a lot, and to others it may be too much. But, I think that I can and will achieve everything that I have set for myself in this coming year. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and be sure to keep me up to date with what you guys have going on as well!

Love ya,


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Happy New Year!!

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions and life goals? Leave your comments and feedback below!

Please Don’t Hate Me.

Like my hair? It’s two-strand-twisted & the headband is an old belt that I borrowed from my sister to create a temporary Bohemian-ish look. Makeup is super plain jane 😉

Hello there beautiful people! 😀

I know, I know, I haven’t written a solid post in weeks, and the daily quotes have also been MIA. I sincerely apologize, but please don’t hate me. I’m back now and I’m returning in full force! I have tons of new ideas for the site–which I will blog about in a separate post–and I am debating the move to wordpress.org for flexibility of design and potential ad revenue. If any of you have any advice, feel free to leave it below!

Anyway, this was just meant to serve as a quick hello and a major apology. I will be posting a daily quote shortly and a full post will go up in the afternoon. Other than that, I hope you guys are doing well! 🙂

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @callynnlynell and Instagram @callynnw, and like my Facebook page, Lynella!, to keep in touch! Also, I may start to make some videos to pair with certain posts, but I’m not sure– too introverted for that, lol. But feel free to find me on Youtube as well. Have an awesome day!

Loving you long time,


I Finally Did It: A Facebook Page.

finally, facebook page

That’s right! I finally made a Facebook page for my blog. Why didn’t I do it before? Fear, I guess. But, yesterday during one of my “what are you doing with your life moments,” I realized that if I really want this blog to be successful there is no room for doubt. I have to “take the plunge” wholeheartedly.

Don’t get me wrong, I was shakin’ in my boots about the exposure, but that’s what a blog needs–exposure! Facebook is the most visited site after Google. So, it’s absolutely insane not to use it as a tool. & if you’re already an active Facebook user, like myself, you already have a possible audience–your friends list! Asking the people I know to like my page was more nerve-racking than it should have been, but I got over it!

So, feel free to head on over to http://facebook.com/callynnlynella and give the page a like! I’d be forever grateful!

Love ya,


(Much More Than) 24 Hours Later.

I know, I know, I said it’d only be 24 hours until I made another post, but I lied. Not on purpose, though. My sister’s family was staying with us, and it’s quite difficult to focus on anything when you have an 8 month old and a 3 and 5-year-old roaming the house. Don’t get me wrong, they’re the best kids in the world, but it’s very hard to leave their cute little faces and dedicate time to work. & even more so when you rarely get to see them.


It’s also been a very busy time and quite a few things have changed. Did you notice that I said my sister’s family was staying with us? Who is this us? My parents, my younger sister and myself. Yup, the rents had all of their children at home this week, and I was one of them. I’m not in graduate school anymore! Dun Dun Dunnnn. 

Yes, yes, it is indeed true; my dreams have not died, but my desire to further my education has. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in higher edu. and it can definitely be beneficial; but, I got my BA in 2012 and after taking breaks in between and also being uncertain about what I wanted to do, I realized that maybe it wasn’t for me. There were a few other things that contributed to my decision, but that was one of the major ones. I also realized that I didn’t need the masters to get the job that I wanted. Experience is what made the difference and an MA in English wasn’t giving me that. So anyway, that’s that– for now.


  Freshly Made Green Smoothies


Homemade Barbecue and Store Bought Dessert


Midday Breakfast (Oatmeal and fruits) and Editing


My Starbucks Usual These Days

So, what all happened during my hiatus? 1. I moved back home. 2. My older sister’s house flooded and they were staying with us until their floors and walls were finished. 3. My mom had a 50th Birthday Celebration that my sisters and I coordinated. 4. I start working again at Banana Republic, part-time, and I’m searching for a big-girl job with benefits and such. 5. I have every intention to move from this wretched state once again, so I’m looking for cities to embark upon another journey. 7. Random, good fun. 6. Other stuff. So, yup.

cropped-girls.jpgSome friends and myself at my mother’s 50th!

All in all, I’m back. Everyone is gone and I have returned to the real world. I will be writing posts regularly again and some will include the events that I mentioned above, e.g. my mom’s party. Again, I hope everyone’s been doing well and I’ll be back with another post soon.

Love ya,



Hello Everyone! I see I have some new followers, welcome! 🙂

I haven’t posted here in some time, but that’s because I started a new, more personal blog on Blogger. But, that blog was recently moved to another site located here.

At this point in time I am currently trying to decide which platform I should call home. I’ve created a site on Wix (the link is above) and I like it. But, WordPress is a great site and I already have a following on here.

I know I’ve been lacking in posts and I apologize for that, but please bear with me as I try and sort things out. While you wait, feel free to check out the newer site at http://callynnlynell.wix.com/lynella! There are more updated posts there.

Thank you for your patience and to those of you who joined the community even in my absence. I hope to return soon 🙂

Peace & love to you all!


P.S. I got a job as a writer/blogger! Yay!!!