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Big Lots Beauty Haul.

big lots


What’s Big Lots you ask? Only one of the best places ever! Sure, everyone loves places like Wal-Mart–those devils–and Sams, but have you been to Big Lots? Thanks to my mom’s smart shopping habits, I now know that they have everything from food stuffs to hair & beauty products. And at least half of the items are from great name brands. For example, several of the food items that my mom buys from Whole Foods can also be found at Big Lots; beauty brands like CoverGirl, Maybelline, L’Oreal, & Neutrogena are all at the big BL; and everything else like household cleaning items, furniture & home decorations, and kids toys or schools supplies. Whaaaa? I know, right! The best part: it’s much cheaper!!

All of the items below were purchased at the Lots & for less than the original retail price; and although some of the savings were only, say, $.50 per nail polish, that’s not bad for each bottle–the savings add up people! Brands send their items to specific stores, and then those stores send their excess items to Big Lots–nothing is wrong with them. Because of that, they can sell them at a cheaper price. All of the items featured were purchased for less than $30, with the exception of some of the nail polishes. I bought 10 of the Sinful Colors in a separate transaction, at a different time for about $20.

So, if you guys are interested I have all of the prices listed below. Also, it’s important to note that my mom joined the Rewards program, so she has the privilege of getting an additional 20% off when they have their big sales. What does all of this mean, you ask? It means that you can get eyeliner for $.80 and if I were you, I’d head to Big Lots! 🙂 Be sure to follow them on twitter to stay updated on their great deals!

big lots, beauty haul, V05, conditioner, shampoo, natural hair

big lots, beauty haul, sinful colors, nails

big lots, beauty haul, sinful colors, nail color

big lots, beauty haul, sinful colors, nails

big lots, beauty haul, nail color, sinful colors

beauty haul, big lots, colormates, beauty

beauty haul, big lots, aim, personna, colgate,

big lots, beauty haul, modern heritage

The links are therefor price comparison and to get a closer look at the product/one similar to it. The prices I listed are what I paid at Big Lots.

(5) V05 Passion Fruit Smoothie Conditioner– $0.64 each

(1) V05 Shampoo– $0.64 each

(6) Sinful Color Polishes– $1.56 each

(10) Sinful Color Polishes– $1.95 each

(1) Triple Shine Treatment Polish– $3.52

(2) Colormates Twin Pack Eyeliner- $0.80 each

 (1) Aim Floss– $0.80

(1) MOD Heritage Solid 10pk Socks– $4.00

(1) Epielle Aloe Vera Facial Cloths– $1.60 each

(1) Monthly Desk Calendar: $2.40

Missing Items: Colgate Toothpaste ($1.90) & Personna Razors(?) because they’re on my mom’s receipt. & remember to apply the 20% discount!

Be sure to let me know if you guys like these sort of posts, that way I can do more! So, where are you guys shopping?

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