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ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks: Part II

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks: Part II

ColourPop is on the rise and I am so happy to have found them at their peak. As you guys know, I recently tried the company’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks and fell in love. At $6 a bottle, ColourPop’s matte lipsticks are giving competitors a run for their money. They have a wide range of colors for every skin tone, they’re long-lasting, non transferable, truly matte, and don’t require dishing out $17-$20 just for lipstick!

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This time around, I ordered a mini kit of the liquid lipsticks and two of the regular bottles. In theory, the mini kits are great. You can sample multiple colors at once, or gift them to others to try, and they’re exactly $20 each for 5 colors; they also come in cute little packages. But overall, I don’t recommend getting the kits if you’re looking for the greatest value. Each mini bottle is only .9 oz, which is 1/4 of the regular 3.2 oz bottles. We’re talking $4 for .9 oz or $6 for 3.2– I mean why not buy the whole bottle, right? 

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Mini Bottles From left to right: Glitter, Bianca, Last Dance, Be Merry, Times Square

This particular mini kit is called “Kitty,” and the 5 colors are:


a lighter pink, very similar to the Midi I’d previously purchased, but slightly darker

Times Square:

a tannish/pinkish color that looks similar to Bianca (if you watch the video below, you’ll see what I mean)

Be Merry:

a true pink, that reminds me of bubblegum!


a gorgeous purple color, with hints of pink

Last Dance:

a beautiful orange, that resembles the color of sunsets, desert sands, and the grand canyon

colourpop, mini kit, lipstick, ultra matte lipstick, kitty, bianca, times square, last dance, kapow, glitter, red lips
Regular & Mini Bottles for Comparison

The other two colors that I purchased were Creeper and Kapow. Now, I absolutely love Creeper because it’s just what I needed. I actually have a wonderful red lipstick, Rimmel Red Lasting Finish by Kate Moss, and it even has a lovely cinnamon scent; but, it’s not matte and that’s totally what I’m all about these days. I definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of the red lips! Kapow, on the other hand, is a pretty good color, but I wasn’t as thrilled about it because it wasn’t what I initially wanted. To be honest, I intended to purchase Limbo, as I was looking for a brown color and my younger sister has it, but I ordered Kapow by mistake. It’s a purplish-grey and still very pretty, just not what I was looking for– I’d recommend that one as well.

colourpop, mini kit, lipstick, ultra matte lipstick, kitty, bianca, times square, last dance, kapow, glitter, red lips
Creeper & Kapow
colourpop, color swatches, mini kit, lipstick, ultra matte lipstick, kitty, bianca, times square, last dance, kapow, glitter, red lips
Creeper, Kapow, Glitter, Be Merry, Bianca, Times Square & Last Dance,

Much like before, I liked all of the colors but I wouldn’t wear them all. Some of the colors were just too bold for me–at least for now. I’m still standing by the quality of the product and if you’re looking for a matte finish, these lipsticks will not disappoint. I will say, though, do not spill the liquid on your clothes because it’s not coming out– lesson learned!!

If you want to watch me try on the colors, please feel free to check out my video below. & while you’re over there, SUBSCRIBE! Check you guys later 🙂



It’s A New Year!


It seems like only yesterday that we were telling one another Happy New Year and setting our goals for 2016. Yet, we’ve already reached the halfway mark for January, and February is merely 8 days away! I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing and how much has already happened. I turned 25! (dear Lort, lol); I made the very grown up decision to leave a job that I was unhappy with and got two amazing job offers–I only applied at these two places; and then made the even more adult-like decision to take the job that would offer more experience, flexibility and bank –almost double what I was making before!

As all of these wonderful things come into fruition, I know that there will only be more to come, and God is simply preparing me for the type of year and life he has planned for me. I’m ready for my hobby to become my career; I’m ready to be in the healthiest, most fit shape of my life; & mama ain’t no beggar, but I’m definitely down for a male companion/boyfriend/hubby/all of the above! Haha! But seriously, guys??

But in preparation for all new things, the old habits have to go and changes must be implemented. Change isn’t change until you change. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. You know that, I know that, but it none of it matters if we don’t act upon it.

Philippians 4: 6&7 (NKJV)

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Let your heart and mind be guarded. Put your trust in God and allow him to guide your footsteps. Every day, the intent must be there:

Work Harder

Grow Stronger

Eat Better

Pray Longer

Live YOUR life to the best of YOUR ability and do everything with and in love!

I hope you guys are enjoying the new year and making every effort to make every day the best day of your life. Be sure to stay in touch this year and we’ll keep each other motivated and encouraged on this journey!

In other news, I celebrated my 25th in Atlanta! If you wanna see what we got up to, be sure to watch the video below and subscribe to my YouTube channel for future vids 🙂

 Lynella!

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YouTube Makeup Tutorial!

Hey guys! How’s it going? I have some fun, new information for you and I’m sure you may have guessed it from the title of this post. Yes, you read it correctly, ya girl now has a YouTube Channel! I finally took the plunge and decided to add video footage as another outlet for everything that’s going on in this brain of mine. The videos will include a variety of things, as this blog does–beauty, trends, life & everything else! I love the beauty and fashion industry; my interests in fitness and health are expanding; I’ve been attempting to do more activities and travel more places so that there’s more to my lifestyle than work, sleep, and food, lol; and societal/cultural issues and pop culture will forever hold a place in my heart. So, if you guys want to keep up with me that way, feel free to head of there and subscribe! I’m working on the length of the videos–yall know I love to talk–but I’d say they’re pretty interesting. The most recent video is below & it’s a makeup tutorial on how to achieve a great look with very few, non-fancy products e.g. M.A.C–whom I love!

Feel free to spread the word and leave any comments or questions under this post! As you know, I love you all. I pray that you are all living, laughing and loving wonderfully.

Love ya!


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Guys, I met Sawyer Hartman and Cyr today! I was sitting in Starbucks, hard at work, and I saw Sawyer getting coffee. I thought to myself, I must be hallucinating because I am in southern Louisiana and there is no way he’s here. But it was him!

He was super sweet and we chatted for a few minutes. Apparently, they were there shooting a video on location and they’d just finished. I asked him how he liked it here, and he said that it was hot but pretty, lol. He mentioned that it was a nice break from the city, but I told him I wanted to be where they were. I was like, take me with youuuuu! Hahaha.

Lessons learned:

1. Don’t be afraid to say hello! They were super friendly and I’m so glad I spoke up.

2. Ask for a picture if you want one! I regret not getting a photo with them; I could’ve blogged about and Insta-ed that ish!

3. Try to bum out less. Yes, you’re beautiful always, duh. But try to be presentable! I didn’t look terrible or anything, but I was definitely bumming out. You never know who you’re going to run into or what opportunities may present themselves. Always be on guard folks!

Anyway, that was an awesome experience. Thanks to Sawyer and Cyr for chatting with me and making my day. I’ve linked their social accounts below so you guys can check them out.

Btw, I am a 24 yo adult ladies, so don’t think it’s just the teens out there that go crazy, lol.

Love you guys <3

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Sawyer: TwitterYoutube & Instagram

Cyr: Twitter & Youtube

Veterans Day: My Biggest Hero.

In honor of Veterans Day, I’d just like to say thank you to all of those that serve on behalf of our country. Sure, everyone may not agree with our reasons to go to war, but they surely wouldn’t object to the daily protection that they receive. Regardless of international affairs and political parties, thank you! I appreciate all that you do for me and my family, for you and your family, and for the families that you may never meet. I pray that you all are safe and protected in the arms of God.

I’d also like to show some appreciation to my dad.

veterans day, dad, army

He joined the army at the age of 18, I believe, all because he needed and wanted to provide for his family. It’s funny, because my younger sister and I always tell people that my dad may have very well become one of the greatest basketball players in the world–seriously guys, playing with Jordan himself. But, he and my mom had my oldest sister quite young, so my dad joined the army instead. & no worries, he’s not one of those guys that talks about how he would have been famous all the time, lol. In fact, if it weren’t for the documentation of his high school basketball career and my mom reaffirming that he was indeed quite good, my sisters and I wouldn’t know anything about it.

He joined in 1979 and my older sister was born in 1980; he was officially honorably discharged in 1991 as an E6 Sergeant. He likes to say that: “I went in for your sister and I came out for you.”

veterans day, dad, army

(Dad’s second to last on the first row & the close up is below.)

veterans day, dad, army

veterans day, dad, army, young men, guns

veterans day, dad, army

(Can you spot him? He’s the fifth guy from the left on the first row.)

So, thanks dad! I love that you were honorable enough to join the army for mom and Shay, but thanks for coming home for me! 🙂

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Love you,


Original Sesame Street Cast

Happy 45th Sesame Street!

I don’t remember much about Sesame Street except a few of the main characters:

big bird, sesame street
Big Bird (1993-2003)
elmo, sesame street
grover, sesame street
count von count, sesame street
Count von Count
sesame street, oscar the grouch
Oscar the Grouch
bert & ernie, sesame street
Bert & Ernie
cookie monster, sesame street
Cookie Monster
snuffleupagus, sesame street
Mr. Snuffleupagus

It’s funny to think that although this show is intended for children, it’s full of monsters! Nevertheless, those very “monsters” taught me so much and Sesame Street will forever be a classic show. It’s also great to watch those younger than myself grow to love it. My oldest niece introduced me to a few new characters and one in particular sticks out–Abby Cadabby. I say that because for the longest time, I thought that the character’s name was “Freca Freca”–turns out that she has freckles and on a particular episode they kept using that phrase. I guess that’s what stuck with my niece!

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks Sesame Street. You meant a lot to me during my childhood and I’m sure you’ll mean that much and more to the children 45 years to come. Happy 45th my dear! & RIP Jerry Nelson, the original and beloved Count von Count.

In celebration, here are a few of my favorite Elmo videos featuring musical artists. As we know, any celebrity that has made an appearance on the Street has definitely made it! 😉

& let’s face it, Destiny’s Child had nothing on these ladies!


Hello Everyone! I see I have some new followers, welcome! 🙂

I haven’t posted here in some time, but that’s because I started a new, more personal blog on Blogger. But, that blog was recently moved to another site located here.

At this point in time I am currently trying to decide which platform I should call home. I’ve created a site on Wix (the link is above) and I like it. But, WordPress is a great site and I already have a following on here.

I know I’ve been lacking in posts and I apologize for that, but please bear with me as I try and sort things out. While you wait, feel free to check out the newer site at http://callynnlynell.wix.com/lynella! There are more updated posts there.

Thank you for your patience and to those of you who joined the community even in my absence. I hope to return soon 🙂

Peace & love to you all!


P.S. I got a job as a writer/blogger! Yay!!!

Differences Unite?

Religion, it’s so dividing. To say that most of them believe in some form of the same thing, they sure do ostracize one another. Christians hating Christians, Jews shunning Jews, Muslims disowning Muslims. It’s shameful to see, for religion should bring unity.

But I shall not expand on such things. What I’ve been thinking about is intermarriage, specifically in reference to religion. I’ve seen and heard of people marrying others outside of their religion, but it usually doesn’t last. Or when it does, I often wonder how? It seems that one would have to be slightly less committed to their religion to conjoin with that of another, especially those that are so contrasting.

For example, a Baptist and Methodist marrying is not nearly as extreme as a Christian and a Buddhist coming together. Even Christians and Muslims believe in the same God, but there are some differences between the two. But, how can one who believes in, say, Jesus build a family with one who worships several gods?

I am not saying in any way that these groups cannot coexist with one another, befriend, socialize, etc. But when you marry a person, you build your family’s foundation on shared values, correct? If a Christian believes that Jesus is the way and the Savior, how do they cope with the fact that, according to their beliefs, their Buddhist partner is going to hell? I don’t understand.

I only ask because I, myself, am a Christian and I love God with all of my heart. But I am also accepting, to an extent, of all people–obviously bigotry is not tolerated, but that’s not based on social attributes, but rather poor and ignorant attitudes. I love all people, as I believe Christ would have and does. Sure, I may not agree with everything but at the end of the day I do not think more highly of myself than I ought to, and I judge not others.

I am attracted to all races and ethnicities, all of them. But with different racial backgrounds comes different religions. For example, I’ve noticed that several of the actors I find amazingly beautiful are Jewish, haha, e.g. Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jesse Eisenberg, the Savage brothers, Shia freakin’ LaBeaouf! Granted, they may not all practice Judaism–some may just be ethnically Jewish–but I’m trying to make a point.

Kunal Nayyar and Utkarsh Ambudkar are heavenly, and though extremely presumptuous of me (I’m sorry) I could say that even of they may not practice Hinduism, maybe their families do? Those are not traditions easily broken.

And the list goes on, so on and so forth. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus… they’re all beautiful. But they all believe differently.

Do you convert? Blend? Become tolerant? I’m just curious as to what others may think.

I’d date someone of another religion. Would it last, I don’t know. Obviously, I’d figure that out before marriage, which many fail to do. But I’m with Jesus always and forever. No one and nothing can change that 🙂

What do you think??

Sexual Relations.

[ *disclaimer* This is quite the personal post, but I felt the need to write it. If this ruins your perception of me.. well, I can’t quite help you there.
-Also, I don’t particularly write with punctuation in mind- apologies if that bothers you.]

I don’t want to make this too long because I want you to read it. But I can’t make it too short because the message needs to be received.

I wondered, for so long, what was the lesson to be learned from this? What exactly was the point of this “mistake?” Well, at this moment I’m thinking maybe I made it for you. Maybe the only reason I acted as I did, and before time (had sex), was for this very reason alone and no other. (At least in hindsight it seems like a reason) If I hadn’t, then I couldn’t advise you to do otherwise (because I was quite aware of the consequences prior to).

Don’t do it, at least not now. Trust me: you’re not ready and even if you are it’s not worth it, and if it is it can wait. I promise. It never goes as planned, whether that be in the beginning or the end.

Guilt ridden, you’ll be, at least if you’re anything like me. Embarrassment will be visible, but only to you -while you think the world notices they don’t, but that doesn’t take the feeling away. Alone. Because there’s not really anyone you want to share such information with, at least not yet.

But maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you’re in love and had no plans to wait. That’s cool I guess, but true love lasts forever and can be demonstrated endlessly. And you can do just that, just not in this way.

You see, I believe that you think you want something that you will have no idea how to handle. I think that song gave you insight and that video gave you visual. I think that conversation cultivated your thoughts and now you think you’re ready for something physical.

They lied. You’re not.

Sure it’s good today, but what about tomorrow? Sure you do it now, but what about later? Can you handle later? Did you think about later?

You become dependent. Needy, even. You become something that the former you wouldn’t recognize, and the future you is trying to get over. You question more than you should and accept more than you would’ve. Your evolution becomes something new entirely.

Relations last, cool. But now you’re requesting a commitment that wasn’t made for this dynamic. Hell, you’re asking for something and you probably don’t even know it. & people say they don’t ask, they’re different, they don’t need it.. a commitment.

They lied. You have to either ignore the facts or become heartless to truly do such things.

But, relations also end. And.. well, that’s just torture in and of itself. You’ll be dealing with it long, long after the fact- whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not. It changes things, it changes you.
Once you move on, some things remain. Some things you have to fight really hard to refrain from. Sometimes, you lose…and have to start the fight again.

So, don’t do it. At least not now. At least not yet. Even when you think you’re ready, you’re not. Ease up on the late nights. Limit the late dates. Reduce the sexual content. You’re taking on a bigger commitment than you know. Trust me. It’s four years later and i got my impact.

Details can be tedious, so I’ll spare you mine. But if you’re ever wondering then I’ll share…if only to change your mind.

Religious or not, my advice still applies. I believe you should wait, ready or not.


“Is it bad that I never made love, no I never did it, but I sure know how to…”

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