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Hi there, Lynella here! Well, my parents actually named me CalLynn Lynell–after the two of them–but Lynella’s catchier, right? Being a native Louisianan makes me super southern, but my heart is constantly drawn to bigger cities. I’m sure that would explain why I passed up thousands of dollars in graduate scholarships to attended a lesser-funded university in NYC, and never hesitate to hop on the next plane out of here! But I’m thankful for my southern roots, it’s why I am who I am. My experiences have shaped me and my, oh my, have they expanded my view of the world and it’s magnificent beings.

Here, I write about my every day thoughts and happenings. That could include anything from food, health, hair, beauty, fashion, pop culture or every day conversations with random strangers. Overall, I’m just another 20-something writing about her life, praying that I live out my dreams and fulfill what God has planned for little ol’ me. As you inspire me daily, I hope to inspire some of you. Here’s to growing together!




    • Lynella! says:

      My heart wasn’t in it. I love writing and I thought I wanted the degree, but I didn’t want to be in school. I think after having a 9 month break in between undergrad and my first graduate school attempt, and then another 3 months in between the 1st and the 2nd, I was a bit done with schooling, haha. You having to be willing to give it your all and unfortunately, at the time, I wasn’t! 🙂

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