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Are You In Love With Cocaine?

“I’m in love with the coco.” Better yet, “I’m in love with the [cocaine]!” Uh yeah, ridiculous, I know, but somehow no one else seems to think so. Somehow America and the rest of the world made this asinine song soar to the top of the charts. & although some people may have addressed the possible glorification of the usage and selling of cocaine, I’m not sure if anyone questioned the consumer. Why are we supporting this song? Because the beat is good?

O.T. Genasis’ song “Coco,” which is an outright reference to selling cocaine, became extremely popular upon release, and the Twitter, Vine, and Youtube communities went insane. The video has 134,462,309 views as of date and nearly 1 million likes. Fortunately, it has 162,000+ dislikes, meaning some of you are in your right minds, but unfortunately that ratio is very low. In the video below, I comically address the issues that stem from this song. So, be sure to watch and let me guys know what you think!

& seriously guys, since when are we all in love with cocaine?

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