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Mini LUSH Haul!

LUSH, LUSH & MORE LUSH! Heads up, I am obsessed with this company. Not sure how someone could love a company after only two visits, but I’d also say they’re production, marketing, and distribution strategies are ON POINT if they’re able to make this happen! I made my first visit a few months ago and it was very quick; I purchased one of the sample boxes/gift boxes, this one specifically, and a honey trap lip balm. This time, I took my time, inhaled every scent possible, and chatted with one of their employees. She even gave me mini hand “massages” so that I could carefully and informatively choose which products I wanted to try. Take a look at what I got!


lush, lush haul, cosmetics, skin care, body, bubble bath, twilight

This is the Twilight Bath Bomb. It contains one of my favorite scents, lavender, and is great for ultimate relaxation.I like bath bombs because they make pretty colors in the water–there’s blue on the inside– and this one has a cool, little design. I would suggest trying to cut the bath bomb in half if you want to get more than one use out of it, but I just choose to use the entire thing.

It’s also vegan!

lush, lush haul, cosmetics, skin care, body, body bath

Here we have The Comforter Bubble Bar. This lovely pink and white delight smells kind of fruity, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint the smell. The website listed the source as blackcurrant candy, which I’ve never smelled, but it’s a type of berry and I can smell that. Bubble bars can used multiple times, the amount will depend on how much you run under the water. This is my first bubble bar and I haven’t used it yet, but I’m excited for the comforting bubbles! Look out mother, I think I’ll be borrowing your jacuzzi for this one 😉

This baby is vegan!

lush, lush haul, cosmetics, skin care, body, soap, citrus

Sometimes, I need motivation to hop in the shower. Although the desire to be clean is compelling, I tend to have the stereotypical college-guy-syndrome and could easily skip it. Hey, I’m just being honest! So, I invested in products with scents would draw me in, lol. For showering, I purchased the Sandstone Soap. This soap has the scent that my nose smells anytime I enter LUSH. As I mentioned in my Youtube video (check it out below!), I was searching for something that smelled like this and the lady insisted it was a mix a smells. But I found this wonderful, citrusy goodness. Apparently, it was inspired by Brazilians who “mix sand with tanning oil;” so, it’s a great exfoliator.



lush, lush haul, cosmetics, skin care, body, vanishing cream, herbilismI’m not one to really break out and I don’t really have acne, but there are outbreaks whenever I eat crappy foods. My problem is that I touch my face too much! Everyone knows you should keep your hands out of your face as much as possible, and you definitely shouldn’t pop pimples. Well, I am the popping queen! Which has unfortunately left me with blemishes/dark spots. So, I invested in Lush’s Vanishing Cream, which is a facial moisturizer, and Herbalism, their facial cleanser. Herbalism is a deep-cleanser that exfoliates and tones the skin, while getting rid of excess oils. & both are good for people with oily skin, like me!

Herbalism is vegan!

lush, lush haul, cosmetics, skin care, body, honey trap, lip balm

Lastly, there’s the Honey Trap Lip Balm. Like I mentioned earlier, I purchased this during my first trip and I use it daily. It has sort of honey, orangey, pepperminty flavor/scent and it’s a great moisturizer for the lips.

bubblegum lip scrub, lush, skin care, face, lush haul
Bubblegum Lip Scrub at http://www.lushusa.com/
bubblegum lip scrub, lush, skin care, face, lush haul
Bubblegum Lip Scrub at http://www.lushusa.com/

I also recommend the Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Good for getting dead skin off, especially if your lips are already peeling. Or, you can exfoliate before they get to that point. You don’t need very much and it’s made from edible sugar–plus other things. But don’t get to excited, you won’t want to lick your lips every time because the flavoring gets old. I still have some from before and it will last me a really long time, so I didn’t purchase any more.

It’s also vegan!

I also created my very first “official” YouTube video, so be sure to give that a look as well. Let me know if you guys shop at LUSH & which products you may be using. I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m writing about them again, lol.

Chat later!



  1. Reese says:

    I always get so overwhelmed in lush. it smells so good and I tell the sales people that I want whatever product the store smells like and they show me everything that it doesn’t smell like. lol.

    • Exactly! I was doing the same thing and the lady kept assuring me that it was just a mixture of all of the products. But, I suggest you try the Sandstone soap because that’s the smell I usually pick up on 🙂

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