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Roommates: You Used My Mouthwash?!

*disclaimer: If you don’t like memes, I’m sorry but they were the most appropriate. If you don’t care, do continue reading ūüôā

Let me just preface this by saying, I am probably one of the most selfless people when it comes to helping, serving, and sharing with others. And this¬†isn’t a self-proclaimed attribute, it’s what I’ve heard my entire life. I’m an INFP after all. But over the years I’ve grown to learn that it is okay to have things that are just mine.¬†Like oh, I don’t know, MY MOUTHWASH!¬†

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I’m always up for sharing and even though it’s common courtesy to ask, I don’t always care if someone doesn’t. I’m very self-reliant; therefore, I buy everything for myself instead of sharing purchasing duties with others. Even if someone wants to go halfsies, I’d just prefer to buy it and allow them¬†to use it because I don’t ever want to feel like I need to ask to use something, or that I’m overusing what isn’t mine.

As I mentioned to you guys before I have a roommate, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had one.

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I lived with one of my best friends for two years in undergrad and it was completely fine. They say that you shouldn’t live with your friends and I actually agree with that, but she and I have been friends for nearly 17 years now (wow, that makes me feel old) and our personalities are extremely respecting of personal space. I could tell when she didn’t want to be bothered and vice versa, so it worked. We also lived in a dorm and didn’t have to share a kitchen or bathroom–we mainly complained about how we hated school and everyone else. I love that girl!

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My next roommate was fine for the most part–we didn’t speak to one another except in passing–but, she did begin to annoy me near the end of my term. We would go back and forth adjusting the temperature in the refrigerator, but never saying anything to the other person. She also stopped buying toilet paper during the last few¬†of weeks of school and relied on me to replenish it— I started to keep it in my room because I was that¬†annoyed.

roommate, meme, the office, dwight,My last roommate was an incoming freshman and she moved in¬†during my final quarter of school. She was so sweet and the best roommate anyone could have. At first, I didn’t know how to deal with her desire to be friendly and speak all the time- I’m a loner in that sense- but our chats turned into 1-2 hour-long conversations. She was so genuine and I miss her for that.

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But this new girl, I can’t deal with her. Loud music, Marijuana smells, Alcohol in my fridge, and now Using My Mouthwash.¬†Like I said, I don’t necessarily expect people to always ask me to use things, but I do expect that there will be a bit of common sense involved.

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1. If someone wants to use my utensils or dishes or pots, go ahead. All I ask is that you don’t break them–my 2nd roommate did that and didn’t tell me–and that you wash them. And you probably won’t even have to wash them because I’m like a mother in that sense; I don’t like dishes in the sink for too long and if I start to wash something, I’m going to wash everything–it makes no sense to leave half of the dishes in there.

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2. If you want to do something like use my food spices, eat one of my snacks, have a bottle of water and/or other drink, I would prefer that you ask first. Not necessarily because I care if you eat it–if I really didn’t want you to have something, it’d be in my room–but because if I paid for it, I’d at least like there to be some left when I return to it. There is nothing more annoying than thinking you have something and when you go to get it, someone else has taken or used it all.

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3. There are certain things that you just don’t use & my mouthwash is one of those. For one, that’s really gross. We’re not related; heck, we’re not even friends, and you borrowed¬†something that I use for hygienic purposes. That’s like borrowing my deodorant or my toothbrush. Who does that?

I know what you’re saying: How do you know she used your mouthwash? BECAUSE I WASN’T USING IT! Although I purchased the Equate, I don’t always use it; in the past two weeks or so¬†I’ve only used it about 3x. The bottle was at least half full and now it’s less than 1/4 full. She must have assumed that I was using it as well and wouldn’t notice? I don’t know. But what pisses me off the most is that she tried to be clever. Last week I thought that my¬†bottle seemed lighter, but I brushed it off because I thought there was no way this girl could use my mouthwash. But, when I picked hers up–they were both sitting in opposite corners of the countertop–it was empty. But that doesn’t mean anything, right? LIES!

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¬†This [insert profane word]¬†left her bottle there to give the illusion that she had her own, when if fact she was using mine. Her Listerine bottle has been empty for at least two weeks now, probably longer, but she still has it sitting on the countertop. For what? Decoration? I think not! I’m going to state a fact take a guess here and say that she left hers there to make it seem as though she still had some, when in fact she didn’t, and she’s been (hopefully) using her lid¬†to take mine. This¬†[insert profane word]!

So as you can see, I am a bit annoyed. I took my bottle and brought it into my room. She also used the last bit of toilet paper–of which, again, I have been replenishing over the past few weeks–and didn’t replace it. So, I’m going on strike again. I’m not putting any in there. When I need it, I’ll bring it with me. That’ll teach her to use my ish.

I’m so glad that this girl is leaving after this week. Ugh!

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